Vestiges, stories and images of a metropolis

In a city like Berlin , which constantly changes its face , there is a wide interest for vestiges , stories and pictures of its growing and becoming. Often historical facts used to understand the past and are an important background for decision-making . The great interest in data about Berlin's history is matched by a similarly wide range of information . However they are scattered, often inadequately registered and in different data sources.

Collect and preserve the history of the Berlin city center

The work of the BERLIN-MITTE-ARCHIV aimes to collect material about the history of Berlin's city center as completely as possible. This is done both by the working through the own collection as well as by finding other sources and exploring external collections.

Cooperation with other archives, collections and photographers

Cooperation with other archives, collections and photographers anables better accessibility of information for the work of administration, companies and of course teaching and research is made possible. The BERLIN-MITTE-ARCHIV is your partner for short-term procurement of images and other data on the history of Berlin's city center, its processing and presentation. The stock of about 12,000 individual media is constantly being expanded.

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